CHESTER, The Eco-friendly Lubricant
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CHESTER, the all natural lubricant

CHESTER is the safe, earth friendly lubricant substitute for WD40® and other non-earth friendly lubricants. CHESTER is a non-toxic, non-flammable and a biodegradable lubricant that is made of all natural products that functions the same as WD40® but without the harmful effects to the environment. We encourage you to lubricate responsibly.



Stops Squeaks Yes Yes
Cleans and Protects Yes Yes
Loosens Rusted Parts Yes Yes
Frees Sticky Mechanisms Yes Yes
Drives out Moisture Yes Yes
Flammable Yes No
Toxic Yes No
Biodegradable No Yes
Contains Petroleum Yes No

With your purchase of our biobased lubricant and other earth friendly products in the market, you are taking the right step in helping to protect our earth and its species not only for today, but for future generations to enjoy. As a friendly reminder of what is at stake, each of our bottles has a photo of a location or species from around the world. Look for these at your local retailer and if they don't have CHESTER, encourage them to carry it, until then you can purchase CHESTER from our on-line store by going to See our About Us page to learn more about CHESTER.

Below is just a small sample of what we are trying save and you will see other examples throughout this website.

photo:Mountain Gorilla in Uganda

photo: Sequoia National Park, USA
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